Hi world,

Greetings from Belgrade. If you know what title of this page means, we speak the same language, language of SAP EWM. We are group of 4 expirienced SAP collegues. We work in one Team, as a very good friends and collegues. In our business the most important thing is TeamWork, Breinstorming, and fast and stable solutions to our clients. Our Team have expirience with:

  • SAP EWM Functional Consultant role
  • SAP EWM Tehnical Consultant role (Development + Basis)
  • SAP Retail Development
  • SAP EWM Development
  • and a lot of different technologies in the past (Networking, Domain controlers, LAN, WLAN, Mikrotik, Pascal, C++, C#, Java, JSP, PHP,….)

Now, with our expirience, we are most focused on SAP EWM Functional Consultant role. We have in our SAP EWM expirience:

  • 2 complete implementations from the scratch (Development, Functional and Basis roles). In this projects we provided to customers our solutions for various business processes.
  • Some of us now support one of the biggest SAP EWM instalations in the world, in this big project our roles are:
    • 1st line support
    • Device setup
    • Termal printers setup and maintaince
    • Stabilisation
    • Incident solving (in Solman or other ticketing system)
    • SAP support cooperation
    • Process optimisation
    • Finding BUGs in process, and providing full specification to Development team for code change
    • GoLive support (2 shifts + OnCall = 24h support, OnSite or Remote)
    • System performence tracking
    • Full Cost Benefit analyse for any new changes. We can provide valid information how much is time effort with existing and new process.
    • Implementation of new requirements with activation/deactivation by switch or master data table, to provide to customer best option to choose in which moment to use which functionality.
    • Full knowlegde transfer to your local IT about new functionalities in the system
    • ….
  • New functionalities (writing functional specification, cooperation with development team, Functional tests, Integration tests, knowlegde transfer to Key users and Live support)
    • Auto wave release
    • Picking improvements
    • Missing stock handling
    • HU label printing solution
    • Loading optimisation
    • VAS center

We can provide to your SAP EWM instalation:

  • Fast solutions for current challenges which you have in your SAP EWM system.
  • Stable solution (Functional, Integrational test, code analyse, Knowlegde transfer, GoLive and productive support) for new changes.
  • Daily system analyse (dumps, solving open documets, analyse locks and prevent problems, analyse integration between EWM and SAP Retail (or any other Retail system), Integration analyse beetween SAP EWM and TM (Transportation Management).
  • One of the most important thing is closing fiscal year support with year Inventory. We can provide remote, or on site support to prepare your system for closing fiscal year. We will execute analyse and execute first line support for all open problems which arrive in the process.